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Lofou village


Lofou, an enchanting village, listed by UNESCO as an architecturally important village. Little more than 20 years was an abandoned village but now the villagers are returning and restoring the homes in keeping with their original character. The village of Lofou is in the district of the wine villages  between Limassol and Paphos, about 26 kilometers northwest of the city of Limassol. Lofou is built amphitheatrically on the peak of a hill with an average altimeter of 780 metres. This fact establishes Lofou as an exceptional mountainous resort since it offers a long cool period to its visitors, which lasts from Easter until October.   

There are no historical findings that may help us define the exact date on which 'Lofou' was founded. The area must have been inhabited since the Bronze Age. The village is built on a hill between mountains and gets its name based on this fact. The name Lofou was inspired by the Greek word 'lofos' which means 'hill'. The original name of the village was "Lofos" since the early 20th century. That can be proven by the birth certificates provided by the local primary school, on which "Lofos" was written as the birthplace of the students.  Lofou, as one important wine village of the “ampelochoria” area, with the soft climate and the territorial conditions is ideal for the growth of vineyards. The local wine of Lofou is famous all over Cyprus for its excellent quality.

Activities and Places of Interest

Visit the Church of Panagia Chrysolofitissa. The Chapels of Prophet Elias,  Agios Georgios and Agia Marina. Visit the village  'Olive Mill', the 'Agricultural Museum', 'Folk art museum'. The walking trail begins just a few tens of meters north of the building area of Lofou towards Sylikou village. It covers a distance of about a kilometer and follows a downhill course towards the traditional ' faucet of Elitji', where the villagers of Lofou used to get water at the older times.  Follow Wine Route no. 4 - Wine villages-Limassol. Visit the Wood Carving Workshop and the Traditional Products Shop.  The Community Council and the Lofou Association of expatriates organizes every year in September, the 'Palouze' Festival (traditional sweet made from grape juice). Enjoy a four-day Festival for the 15th of August - the celebration dedicated to the Virgin Mary (Panagia)


Coffee shops, taverns/restaurants, grocery store, traditional products shop.


Larnaca airport 92 km

Pafos airport 57 km

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