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Sykopetra village

The Community of Sykopetra is a mountainous village built on the eastern foothills of the Mountainous part of the Pitsilia Region of the Lemesos District. It is situated on the borders of three districts, of Lemesos, Nicosia and Larnaca. The community is approximately 30 kilometres away from Lemesos, 45 km from Nicosia and 65 from Larnaca. The community of Sykopetra consists of the village of Sykopetra, which is built on an altitude of 800 metres, and the housing of Prophet Elias, which is built on an altitude of 950 metres.

Systematic archaeological research has not been conducted in the area. However, findings that have come to light certify the existence of a settlement in the area ever since the period of the Kingdoms of Cyprus (1050 B.C. – 725 B.C.). In fact, in an area near the village there is evidence proving the extraction of copper.

Toponyms and other evidence substantiate the historical correlation of the village’s identity to its existence ever since the Byzantine period and up until the ottoman domination.   

There are two versions concerning the naming of the village. The most predominant version is a legend which has been passed down from generation to generation. According to the legend, a princess named Nafsika was travelling towards her kingdom in Tamasos. While riding her horse, it slipped at the large rock found above the village and the princess was killed. According to the legend of local tradition, the horse’s footprint is still evident today. The village was named after the princess, ‘Nafsikopetra’ but with the passing of time, it was renamed to ‘Sykopetra’ to facilitate pronunciation.  The second version suggests that the name of the village is a combination of the words fig (syko) and rock (petra) due to the multiple fig/prickly pear trees and rocks found in the area. The settlement of Prophet Elias is more modern and according to historical sources, in the past, it was called ‘Lambiris’. It was renamed by the first resident who had built the church of ‘Prophet Elias’ after he had found an icon of the Prophet in a river nearby.The village is known for the grow of mandarins and many other kinds of fruit.

Activities and Places of Interest

Visit the churches of Prophet Elias and Agios Demetrios. See the traditional olive mill in the village. Follow the wine route no. 6 - Pitsilia. Hike in the nature trails of the area.


Mini market in Prophet Elias, tavern, coffee shop


Larnaka airport  66.7 km

Pafos airport 102 km

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