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It lies at an altitude of 1130-1300 meters and it is the third highest village in Cyprus. With a population in approximately 1,500 it can be called the head-village of Pitsilia. The village took its name from the plant Cyperus rotundus (kyperos). The village was possibly established during the Byzantine era. This is indicated by several folkloric songs of the 9th and 11th century that mention its name. One of these songs is named Marouthkia. During Frank domination, as De Mas Lartie mentions, “Chiperonda” was one of the villages that were considered royal property. The map of Abraham Ortelius also charted the village as “Choperoda” in 1573. During the Ottoman era, the village was divided into two neighborhoods by river Kourris. One of the neighborhoods was built around the church of Saint Marina, while the other was built on the east of the Church dedicated to Virgin Mary. The houses were built in such a way so as to “be able to internally communicate with one another” and their roofs were unified, creating an imaginary road. This type of architecture helped the inhabitants to escape in cases of Turkish invasions and loots. Kyperounda is a picturesque village that still honors traditional architecture. The “religious monuments”, explicitly the main church of the village dedicated to Saint Marina, the church of Virgin Mary and Chrysosotiros and the chapel of the Holy Cross add to the beauty of the village. It is worth mentioning that the chapel is interesting for its “ecclesiastical sculpture” and its murals that go bask to 1521. The chapel is included in the World Heritage catalogue conducted by Unesco, and it has been turned into a museum. Kyperounta is famous for its wine and apples. The Apple Festival (every second weekend of October) as well as the Children’s Festival of “Andreas Nearchos” (every second weekend of August) are among its most popular events.

The Youth club of the village is very active and organizes a lot events,  sports etc.


Visit Kyperounta winery famous for it's superb wines, visit the churches and Chapels of the village, Museum of traditional life and Natural History, the Eccleciastical museum, take part in the village festivals dedicated to APPLE and the Children Festival.

Walk in the nature trails of the area. The Adventure Mountain Park is a must to visit with your family and friends.


Kyperounta hospital, Taverns, Youth club (Cafe & Restaurant) in the village square, 2 banks (ATM), Grocery store


Larnaca Airport - 111 km

Paphos Airport -  80 km

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