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Troulloi village

The village falls within the administrative borders of Larnaka and it is built on an altitude of 120 metres and at a distance of 15 km from the city of Larnaka. The community’s main topographical feature is that it is surrounded by hills shaped like domes (Troulloi) and this is where the naming of the village probably derived from. The highest hill is the hill named “Karavos”, which reaches and altitude of 256 metres and which is located west of the village. The area of the village has been inhabited ever since the ancient years, during which time the local mine, which is located within the administrative borders of the community, was intensively exploited. In fact, according to a tradition which seems relevant to the existence of the mine, Hephaestus, god of fire, established his workshop in the area of Troulloi when he was exiled from Olympus for giving fire to humans.  Hephaestus’ wife, Cypride Aphrodite, was worshipped near the community of Troulloi and more specifically at the ancient site of Golgoi, near Athienou. Located in the area of the village was possibly a temple dedicated to some Nymph, as this is revealed by an inscription found on a broken clay vessel which was discovered in the area. As far as the population of the village is concerned, Troulloi has always been a pure village. Today it numbers approximately 1100 residents and several large families. As far as their occupations were concerned, in the past the residents of the village mainly dealt with farming and live-stock breeding. Due to the low annual rainfall of the area –approximately 300 mm – people in the village mainly cultivated wheat and barley, as well as olive and carob trees which are cultivations that do not require frequent irrigation. Operating in the community today is a grocery store, a bakery, a boutique, hair salons, flower shops, butcher shops, a construction materials shop, sanitation equipment storage facilities, a car workshop, a marble factory and a lot more, most of which constituting family businesses. Also, spread in the area are several live-stock breeding units which breed cows and goats and sheep. However, several residents continue to work as farmers, while others are employed in the neighbouring city.

Activities and Places of Interest

Visit the old and new church of Saint Mamas, the church of the Three Hierarchs , the chapels of Agios Neofytos and Agia Marina, the Holy Monastery of Panagia Rodon Amaranton and the Monastery of Agios Georgios of Mavrovounio. Other worshipping areas in the Monastery include the chapel of New Martyr Agios Georgios Kyprios and Agia Marina, the underground chapel of Saints Fathers of Optina and the Cave of Saint Maria the Egyptian. Go to Larnaka's beaches for swimming only few minutes drive away.


Grocery store, bakery, taverns, community park


Larnaka airport 23 km

Pafos airport 137 km

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