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1 Michael Koutsofta, Askas,


Almond blossoms in the spring, picking hazelnuts in August, grapes and vines, grape flavours and wine, ash-coloured olive groves and blessed oil, heavy winters, wet earth, the smell of fireplace and smoked meat, the full flavours of fruits, cold water, the rustle of the river, roofs made of reeds, balconies made of pine, rough cobblestone streets, stone houses, low chapels, Cyprus tulips, French daffodils and thorny brooms, nightingales and swallow nests, all in a place closed, hard and gentle at the same time, a fallow mountain, the daily toil of the people cultivating the earth, soft conversations, modest looks, passion and tenacity, an open sky that changes with the seasons, days rolling simply and unpretentiously, nights lit by stars and oil-lamps ...




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Sinasi Bay 57, Danaos 2 Bolck 2
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